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And Then the Roof Blew Off

And Then the Roof Blew Off

Why wait for a soulmate when you can make your own?


When lawyer Lily Clayton’s London life crumbles, leaving her marriage dissolved and her heart bruised, she flees home to the English village of Tarnham. A place where, for generations, the witches in her family have cooked up magic for protection, wisdom and justice. But not for love. “Those as try to magic love may tie themselves a noose as fast as a knot,” Lily’s grandmother would say.

But Lily is running scared. She wants a second chance at love, but unsure of who she is away from the city, uncertain what to do with her life, and no longer trusting her own instincts for romance, she isn’t prepared to accept what life is prepared to offer her. Her passion for the tall handsome son of the local blacksmith scares her and a childhood sweetheart may not be all he seems.

Lily has made a vow. She will never surrender control or let herself be hurt again. She takes down the Clayton witches’ book of meals and magic … and cooks up her own recipes for love with unexpected and chaotic consequences.


And Then the Roof Blew Off



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