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Blood Lore

Blood Lore

Descriptions so real you can smell the blood, sweat and tears.


“The saw rasped against bone and Mika clenched her jaw as her own teeth remembered the red stained ivory sliding beneath them. A crack of powerful muscles and the marrow laid bare. Ears back, eyes hooded – watching. She knows the man will die on the table.” After five years of hard study, Mika has achieved the rank of Journeyman Medici. Few know that she is a girl pretending to be a boy in the male dominated world of Ackbarr. Far fewer know of the animal concealed beneath her skin. Searching for any knowledge of her kind, she is determined to travel back to Cassai. The forests of her childhood are seductive, calling to the memories buried deep within but she discovers that her world has moved on without her. Or maybe it never was as she remembers.

The events in this book take place about five years after those in The Lion of Ackbarr.

About the Author:
More frog than princess, Erme Lander lives in Gloucestershire with her husband, two children and a mad cat.


Blood Lore



Categories: Science Fiction / Fantasy

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