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Water Town

Water Town

A pleasure trip that changes their lives.


Born in a small town, twenty-one-year-old Jieya comes to Shanghai city to seek a better life. She befriends Seagull and her father Chen, a well-to-do government official. Jieya’s dream is about to come true when Seagull suggests a trip to a water town. Lili, the mistress of a wealthy businessman, rendezvous with her online date. Bin is a young man about to start a border patrol job after the army academy. Bin falls in love with Lili, and begs her to spend one more night with him at a water town. The two groups of travelers converge at the water town, and their lives also change afterwards.

About the Author:
Bijou Li grew up in China and went to college in the U.S. While doing her graduate research in Great Cool Mountains, Bijou lived with the Mosuo, an ethnic group who practiced “walking marriage.” The hard-working and independent Mosuo women inspired Bijou to write Country of Daughters and other novels.

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Water Town


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