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Arcanum Astray

Arcanum Astray

Sherlock Holmes with magic on an Earth where history took a detour.


Enter a different Earth. Where magic exists and history took a detour.

Explore the world with Summus Magister Lucius K. Henry. High Mage and Master Professor. Be with him as he solves magical enigmas, perplexing mysteries, and lethal puzzles which have confounded the Imperial Bureau of Magical Investigation.

His work will expose you to intrigue, dark gods, books of ill repute, unhinged mages, planar creatures, mysterious artifacts, bogatyrs, the advancements of magical science, world-ending experiments, demons, a gorgeous foreign agent, stabby assassins, and a vampire or ten. Just don’t remind him about Wallachia and the two high demons still fighting over a mad dark mage who managed to sell his soul twice over. He does teach at the Imperial University for Advanced Magical Learning, but be warned – he’s known to bring freshman mages on a field trip to the outer rims of hell. He believes it separates the chaff from the wheat.

Assisted by his brave though slightly dense assistant, Mage Albion of the Second Rank, no mystery or conundrum is too difficult. Deadly, frighteningly dangerous, soul-threatening, or lethally puzzling the case may be, they are always interesting to our High Mage even when he’s facing legions of undead and similar annoyances.

Albion does have an inordinate fondness for Epoisses cheese, a love of medieval implements of war when facing intrusive beings from nether realms, and bashing demons with his iron-loaded cosh. Not too bright and even a stampcrab, one would say. He does have a rarely used mage’s wand. He is of the Second rank, after all. Did we mention his caretaker is an ancient brownie? A bit lusty and temperamental (don’t scratch the wooden floor!) but he does have the professor’s interests at heart.

Now, the world faces another dangerous threat which might take away the flying carpets of the Berbers, the broomsticks of the Muscovy Empire, and the professor’s Menon, among others. Magical knowledge had flourished for more than three hundred years. And now it is the cornerstone of civilizations, empires, kingdoms, and humanity’s very way of life.

But something is terribly wrong. Magic is disappearing.


Arcanum Astray


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