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An FBI informant falls for the wrong billionaire in this Rebecca reboot.


Someone’s framing her, everyone’s lying to her, and it all leads back to Johanna’s death. Wren Bower has learned the hard way that the only escape from pain is to feel nothing. But she has something the FBI needs— the perfect face to bring down Mark Donahue. Mark’s the criminal mastermind behind DarkWeb, an underworld market rife with drugs, hitmen, and worse. His only vulnerability is the memory of his beloved deceased wife, Johanna. All Wren has to do is run into Mark with her doppelganger looks, and let his haunted heart do the rest. In return, the FBI will release Wren’s brother from prison. But Mark’s romantic obsession brings up emotions Wren has spent years suppressing. Soon Wren’s caught in a dark temptation— slip out of her broken life and into Mark’s, or save her brother and betray Mark to the FBI. She’s got to decide fast. Mark’s arrogant, infuriating, totally hot younger brother, Davis, suspects Wren’s up to no good… and he’ll go to any lengths to uncover her secrets.

From the Author:
DarkWeb started on Wattpad, where it garnered over a million reads, 28K followers, and was featured on Twisted to the end, DarkWeb arrives at Amazon May 17th.

About the Author:
Lifelong writer Talia Vines left home at fourteen to attend an elite boarding school. She barely escaped expulsion at seventeen. At eighteen, she had her jaw broken and wired shut for three months, which meant she started college knowing how to drink all her calories. Talia met her match at the tender age of nineteen—a California boy with a great smile— but refused to be tied down until twenty-five. The mother of three, she now spends her time as the two-faced goddess of dark biddings and PTA meetings. Find out more at




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