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Kiss of a Vampire

Kiss of a Vampire

A run-away psychic. A blood-thirsty vampire. And an ancient prophecy that threatens to destroy the world…


Tessa has special powers. She is a psychic. After a harrowing vision, an unworldly prophecy forces her to shudder in fear. This time her visions won’t be enough save her as her world as she now finds herself the target of a powerful supernatural force.

Kristian blood-sucking tendencies may have placed him at odds with humanity. He has banished himself from the world. Although when he crosses path with a young psychic everything changes in a blink of an eye. He must fight his vampire urges to protect the newfound hero. Kristian wants nothing more than to go back to his deadly ways.

But when a coven of powerful witches seek to awaken an ancient prophecy, Kristian and Tessa must not only fight for the survival of themselves and each other but the world as they know it.


Kiss of a Vampire

Categories: Urban Fantasy / PNR

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