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Mermaid Adrift

Mermaid Adrift

A mermaid must decide to stay on land with the man she loves or return the sea and her betrothed.


When disaster strikes, Meriya must decide whether to stay on land or return to the sea. Washed ashore after a natural disaster, Meriya finds herself in the human world, injured and running out of time. Unsure whether her family survived, she must determine the better course: stay on land, and thus become human, or return to the sea calling to her.

When young Rowan claimed a mermaid rescued him after a boating accident which took his father’s life, no one believed him. Now, with Meriya recovering in his pool, he must do everything in his power to keep her a secret.

Can Rowan convince Meriya to stay in his world or will her betrothed and the secrets swirling in the ocean’s depths prove a stronger pull?

From readper:
Check out this modern fairy tale and an update on a classic tale!


Mermaid Adrift


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