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Make Him Mine

Make Him Mine

Blaez is the last man she wants, but he’s the one her wolf needs.


Chantal Sommers lives life at constant war with who she is. A terror. A monster. A werewolf. To atone for the sins of her kind, she runs a therapy dog program–one that’s fighting just to keep the doors open. When Blaez Dramoth swaggers through those doors like he owns the place, Chantal sends him packing. But her wolf has other ideas. Chantal can’t afford distractions. Her parent’s murderer is back in town and young werewolves are going missing. She’s got no time to mate, but somebody ought to tell her wolf that. If Blaez flashes his hazel eyes at her one more time, she just might lose control. No one said fighting her attraction would be this dangerous…


Make Him Mine


Categories: Urban Fantasy / PNR

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