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Star Force: Origin Series Box Set

Star Force: Origin Series Box Set

Space is vast, and it’s no wonder Earth has been forgotten…but we won’t be forgotten forever.


So what do you do when you discover Earth used to be a border colony of a galactic Dinosaur empire that is going to come back sooner or later to reclaim it? Dinosaurs that talk, plan, build, and fight in powered armor and spaceships…but they don’t bite. Instead they rip you limb from limb with their telekinesis or just burn your heretical ass down with their combat armor’s energy weapons.

That’s right, you’re a heretic. Why? Because you were born without permission. Humans aren’t allowed to reproduce because we’ve been given special powers that the Dinosaurs want strictly regulated, and passing them on to another via reproduction is punishable by death, for both the parents and the children.

But when Earth was abandoned some of the 8 foot tall slaves were left behind for unknown reasons. They were our ancestors, and they built the great pyramids and the other megalithic structures across the planet. They patterned them off of Dinosaur technology, or what little they could replicate of it, for when Earth was abandoned every building on the planet was reduced to rubble. How some of our ancestors survived is still a mystery.

But when a modern day Antarctic research expedition stumbles onto a warm rock in the ice fields near the planet’s southern pole, they unwittingly discover the only remaining Dinosaur pyramid on the planet. One too strong to be destroyed, so it was simply buried before the surviving Dinosaurs left.

And within it we learn that within our genetic code are the dormant psionics granted to our ancestors. We also gain access to maps, blueprints, history, and the bone chilling realization that once the Dinosaur empire recovers from the damage the galaxy-wide Raptor rebellion caused, they’ll be back to reclaim their rimward colonies, and when they find Humanity here they will enact the penalty our lineage demands…and kill every last one of us without mercy.

How much time do we have? No one knows, but we can’t defend ourselves. The Dinosaurs are so advanced we might as well be fighting the Terminator with two sticks and a rock. So what do we do? Run? Hide? We can’t even do that without spaceships and technology far beyond what we now possess.

Earth’s only hope is a private organization called Star Force, spawned from the corporation that discovered the pyramid and kept it a secret from the public so the planet’s inept governments couldn’t waste our slim chance of survival. Billed as a private venture to spur the colonization of space, Star Force has a secret mandate.

Use the pyramid database and build up Earth into an interstellar empire that can at least defend us against the numerous other alien threats out there as we search for a way to do the impossible and survive the return of the galactic Dinosaur empire known as the V’kit’no’sat.

From readper:
Star Force is an amazing 25 book series on Amazon. Yes, you read that right, 25 books. Most series dwindle at 3-5 titles. Some good ones go on for 10 if you’re lucky. This one is huge, and it’s got a ton of fans. You can grab the first four in the series for one low price with this bundle.


Star Force: Origin Series Box Set


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