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The Chief’s Runaway Bride

The Chief’s Runaway Bride

Can she escape her fate?


Magnolia, the headstrong daughter of an army captain, refuses to obey the order of an arranged marriage. She goes on an arduous journey along the Tea Road to seek the general who arranged the marriage, determined to convince him to cancel it. In the treacherous mountains, she falls into the hands of the bandits, who also abduct a panda. While rescuing the panda, she runs into a caravan, whose leader insists on escorting her home despite her attempt to escape.

About the Author:
Bijou Li’s passion for writing had started before she could write. When she was three years old, she spent all her waking hours scribbling on her dad’s notebook during a daylong train ride. But she didn’t follow her passion for another two decades. In college, Bijou Li majored in English literature and anthropology. While doing her research in the Great Cool Mountains in China, Bijou lived with the Mosuo, an ethnic group who practiced “walking marriage.” The hard-working Mosuo women inspired Bijou to write Country of Daughters and other novels.

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The Chief’s Runaway Bride


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