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The Locksmith

The Locksmith

Secrets can damage a relationship . . . but are they better off hidden than revealed?


Jude doesn’t like secrets, they breed poison, but she knows her husband is hiding something from her. To uncover the truth she flees with her three young children to stay with her mysterious mother-in-law, Audra. Through Audra, Jude believes she can uncover the truth that will heal them all. Only Audra has secrets of her own and will stop at nothing to keep them.

About the Author:
Jo Ullah grew up in a small village in Dorset, where she was fed on a regular diet of horror and the supernatural by the inventive mind of her mother.

Being dyslexic, reading and writing were always a difficult mountain just waiting to be scaled. Luckily the view from top is much better than it was from the ground.

Jo lives in Bristol with her family and other creatures great and small, practising her writing, gardening and love of art.

Find out more about Jo Ullah, her writing and her art at:
Twitter: @JoUllah


The Locksmith


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