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Oblivion: Comeuppance

Oblivion: comeuppance

Exciting sequel to Oblivion: between black and white.


Aja Lawson’s happy life has quickly gone from bad to so much worse. An accident stole her adored young husband away in front of her horrified eyes. Crushing debt propelled her into selling herself right into the arms of a handsome stranger who claims to care but enjoys humiliating her. Now, she’s been taken against her will by a man she’d thought was a friend but who is turning out to be anything but, proving once again that she doesn’t know where to turn or whom to trust. Swirling in this malignant mist surrounding Aja is the specter of Oblivion, a corporation that exists exclusively for the ultra-wealthy to wreak havoc upon the lives of unwitting people. Aja is a target of all of these powerful men and she has no idea why. Will she escape with her life? Oblivion: comeuppance is the exciting second-part conclusion to Oblivion: between black and white lie many shades of gray.

From the Author:
Finally, the conclusion Oblivion readers have been waiting for. Will Aja win the struggle for her freedom and her soul? Will she end up with Nicholas Cain? What will happen to the shadowy corporation known as Oblivion? Find out the answers to all the questions you had after reading the first book in Oblivion: comeuppance.

About the Author:
Born in Brooklyn, NY, I lived for many years in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood where I met my husband. It was an arranged marriage—our dogs hooked up in a hot and heavy bromance and then we figured, what the hell? After marrying, we had two human boys in addition to our canine lads and moved across the country. Three years later we ended up back in Lower Manhattan and then landed in upstate New York.

I’ve always been an avid reader and started writing as a tot because I felt I had a lot to say—and to the dismay of many others I’ve never stopped. My love of the printed word has taken me from avid reader to proofreader, copy editor, and writer of nonfiction, poetry, short fiction, and finally novels. I also teach writing and literature as an adjunct professor and massively appreciate having a captive audience. The only things I loves as much as books are my husband, two sons, spectacular golden retriever, assorted felines, sisters, and every animal I ever meet. And let’s not forget chocolate.


Oblivion: comeuppance


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