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Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity

A woman inherits a job from a relative she didn’t know existed and discovers supernatural beings live hidden among the human world and that it is her job to help them.


Starting a new career in your forties is hard, but for Siobhan Flannery it’s worse. After her marriage ends, she moves across the country to start anew in her childhood home. She finds out that the creatures of myth and legend are real, living hidden among the normal human world. Then she finds out that she is the last from her family line with a sworn duty to help supernatural creatures who request aid.

Now as a Custodian for the Golden Assembly, Siobhan provides aid working alongside a nearly one-thousand-year-old dragon, Donal. Donal’s your typical grumpy old man in a gorgeous package. Which means, he’s great eye candy for Siobhan, so there is at least one interesting bonus in her new job.

When her second mission goes horribly wrong, Siobhan learns that someone, or something, is hunting those she’s been charged with helping. As the serial killer’s body count increases, they have Siobhan firmly in their sights. Can Siobhan stop this murderer before he finds her and completes his self-assigned mission to rid the world of supernatural creatures? Can she do this while finding the perfect pair of jeans for her size sixteen body — or will her addiction to chocolate, Supernatural, and self-doubt destroy her before she’s even started?

From the Author:
I wanted to write books that celebrate women who have been forgotten by the traditional publishing industry. Women who are older than the typical main character in an urban fantasy novel, but who can still be an amazing heroine. My main character is in her forties and overweight. She’s melodramatic, addicted to chocolate and the television show Supernatural, but she loves helping those who need it. I think she resonates well with people who want characters who aren’t practically ninjas in their twenties.

About the Author:
V. L. Cooke lives in South Carolina and is currently studying for her MFA in creative writing. She has written three novels in the Custodian of the Golden Assembly series. As a Pacific Northwest girl from birth, V. L. loves what most people hate about it … the rain.

After hitting her forties, V. L. became tired of the heroines of the books she loved being twenty years younger than she is so she set out to create a heroine for the forgotten woman. Those who are in their forties and have a lot to offer the world, even though mainstream media disagrees. Like Siobhan Flannery, she is addicted to watching Supernatural (yes, she really does love her eye candy) and blames the show for invading her brain to the point she had no choice but to put it in her book.

Currently, she is working on book four of the series and has basic plot ideas for the next four novels in the research stage. Which means more Supernatural marathons for her as … er … research. You can learn more about her at her website

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Golden Opportunity


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