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Review: The Einstein Prophecy

The Einstein Prophecy

I came across Robert Masello’s The Einstein Prophecy recently and tried it out. This is the first book by him I’ve read. I have to say he is a most excellent author. I enjoyed his evidently deep knowledge of science and the arts woven into the story. Also, his portrayal of Ivy League schools and the World War II era added to my suspension of disbelief.

This is a new take on the mummy horror stories. In the Egyptian wasteland, a strange sarcophagus is uncovered by a scholar and his beautiful daughter. Alas, Rommel’s troops soon steal it from Cairo and spirit it away to the Fatherland for Hitler’s private collection. An American soldier working for the Monuments Men helps secure the sarcophagus, which is subsequently shipped to Princeton before the war’s end.

Learning the container supposedly contains the bones of a venerated saint, the Americans and Egyptologists combine their efforts to open the sarcophagus, only to discover mystic powers are once again loose in the world. Profanity is minimal, and the action builds slowly to a satisfying crescendo.

Most of the tension involves some rather gruesome violence. There are occasional philosophical diversions into Einstein’s atheism. Some modern social justice and political anachronisms find their way into the text, too.

But these are minor quibbles. The book is well written and highly enjoyable to read. Recommended.



The Einstein Prophecy


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