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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare: A Bayfield High Romance Book 1

A cute enemies-to-lovers romance that will make you swoon and laugh.


What’s a girl to do when she’s forced to spend time with her childhood nemesis?

There are only three things Mackenzie Brown looks forward to on a Friday night: cheesy rom coms, mani pedi and a quiet sleepover with her friends.

Crashing a party and getting payback on her best friend’s cheating ex-boyfriend are definitely NOT part of the plan. Especially the possibility of getting caught!

But worst of all? Getting dared into taking a dip in freezing lakewater with the cocky Sean Murphy.

Can’t she catch a break?

But when truths are revealed and secrets come out, Mackenzie starts to realize that maybe, just maybe, missing out on a quiet sleepover isn’t so bad after all…

Disclaimer: This 18,000-word novella contains an epic party, two rivals trying-but-failing to get along, and one crazy dare to top the night.

From the Author:
It’s a lighthearted young adult contemporary romance that takes place in one night at a party centering around two rival high schoolers who grew up pranking each other. Mackenzie is forced to keep an eye on Sean when Sean found out she and her friends are going to carry out a revenge against her best friend’s cheating ex-boyfriend. Turns out Sean has been into her all along…

About the Author:
Madeleine Labitan lives and breathes for three things: books, coffee and Netflix. Deny her of one and you’ll make an enemy for life.

A freelance writer and virtual assistant, she pretends to be a dedicated hard worker most days, while secretly preferring to instead spend hours falling in lust with hot book boyfriends and hating on their heroines (lucky bitches!).

She’s been writing most of her life, and after nearly a decade of procrastinating, finally decided to try her luck on being an author.

Truth or Dare is her first foray into publishing world and hopefully not the last…

And, oh, she’s in social media. Not that active, but she tries:


Twitter: @myinkonpaper

Instagram: myinkonpaper


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Truth or Dare: A Bayfield High Romance Book 1


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