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A Familiar Problem

A Familiar Problem

Hilarious romantic comedy of the paranormal persuasion.


Natalia Stokes is a loner, a demon loner with some strange ideas about life and, well, death. Banished from Hell for being a trouble maker, would you believe, Natalia is condemned to walk the earth with no one to communicate with. You’d think that wouldn’t bother her but even loners get lonely.

Everything changes when a chance meeting brings her to Lauren, a witch in trouble, and she sticks around long enough to help her in the guise of her familiar. The problem is, she then realises she doesn’t want to leave. She quickly learns, however, that life doesn’t always go as planned and she is forced to make a decision that will affect her for the rest of her…let’s call it existence.

About the Author:
Sharon Karaa is a mass of contradictions, but two facets of her character have always battled for supremacy; her logical self (let’s call him Frank) and her artistic side (lets her call Misty). Until recently, Frank won every battle, forcing Sharon into a life based on most probable outcome and, to give him his credit, it led to a fairly comfortable if rather boring life. Then Misty took up kick boxing and gave Frank a good kick in the goodies. Sharon was first published at the tender age of fifteen. Flush with success, she waited more years than she cares to admit, before making the decision to become an independent author and publishing her first book in 2014. Sharon writes comedy because she needs something in her life she can laugh at, other than herself. Sharon lives with her husband in a little village north of Newcastle, UK. She doesn’t have a cat.


A Familiar Problem


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