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Hard Cider Abbey

Hard Cider Abbey

A modern monastery murder mystery, set in the mountains of West Virginia.


Brother Odo Leroi arrives at the Abbey of the Holy Face, only to literally stumble upon the body of the abbey librarian, Father Lucian, a scholar who had also served as spiritual mentor to the abbey’s younger monks. It appears he has taken his own life, much to the shock and sorrow of Brother Emerick, a young laborer working in the monastery’s orchard and cidery, but also a wounded combat vet and local native who’d come to the abbey is search of solace and sanity after kicking an opiate addiction. Convinced the librarian has been murdered, the two youngest and lowliest monks join forces to root out the truth, looking first beyond the monastery walls; but then, inevitably, inside, forced to consider their own brothers within, a quirky collection of men with murky pasts, urges and motivations both spiritual and distinctly un-spiritual.

From the Author:
Publishers Weekly favorable review (9/10/18) (rare for a self-published novel!), citing “gentle humor and restrained prose,” also including the book in its September 2018 Scouting Report/Books to Watch (the only mystery chosen) Hard Cider Abbey is the first book in a new series, Barefoot Monk Mysteries.

About the Author:
K.P. Cecala is a journalist, non-fiction writer specializing in religion and biography, researcher and novelist.


Hard Cider Abbey


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