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Star Crusades: Mercenaries

Star Crusades: Mercenaries

Epic military science fiction.


The greatest warriors, engineers and scientists of the age blaze a path to worlds far away from the human worlds of the Alliance. There they will meet alien races and become embroiled in intergalactic politics and conflict. Characters such as Spartan, the illegal pitfighter turned war hero of the Great Uprising, Teresa Morato, senior commander in the Marine Corps and a deadly warrior and Gun, the synthetic warrior giant turned General, a figure with a burning desire to hunt time and destroy the enemies of his tortured people. All of them will play their part in shaping humanity’s future in the galaxy.

This complete box set contains the full text of every Star Crusades: Mercenaries novel. That’s right, all six books! Buy the box set today and read the entire series from start to finish!


Star Crusades: Mercenaries


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