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Sweet Love Bundle

Sweet Love Bundle

Seven sweet love stories.


Calvin Barnard is a hard-working New York stockbroker, focused entirely on his job. His life is simple until the day he gets a call from the lawyer of his late Great-Aunt Loretta. The great-aunt he barely knew has left him $10 million and a house in the tiny backwoods Oregon town of Carterville—but there’s one condition. Before Calvin can get the money, he has three months to marry a girl from that same rural town. Suddenly, everything is complicated, as Calvin tries to figure out how his reclusive great-aunt had millions of dollars, what he’s going to do with her old dusty mansion, and which small-town girl will be willing to marry him on short notice. Interior designer Ellie Parker looks like the perfect solution to his problems: She’s beautiful, single, and available to fix up the old house. But when Calvin starts to feel more than sympathy for sweet Ellie, he’ll have to decide between the inheritance of a lifetime or the love of the most enchanting woman he’s ever met.

Plus six more stories!

From readper:
We found this hidden gem tucked away on a mis-categorized list. We hope you’ll enjoy seven sweet romances in one neat package. You can buy these separately from the author at 2.99 each regular price, or grab them all at this discount rate. It represents most of her current portfolio. Grab it now!


Sweet Love Bundle


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