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The Tales of Haskett’s Manor

The Tales of Haskett’s Manor

A historical regency clean sweet romance box set collection.


Introducing “The Tales of Haskett’s Manor” Box Set – Discover NOW The New Clean and Sweet Historical Regency Romance Book by Abby Ayles! Our Ladies are ready to take their life into their own hands!

The Lady The Duke And The Gentleman
Miss Antoinette Byrd feels ready to marry when her parents, who have been hesitant due to her immaturity and rebelliousness, finally agree to let her see some suitors. She is immediately won over by Duke Alexander Godwin, a man who has it all. But as time goes by she begins to realize that, however, dreamy Duke Godwin is, they have very little real chemistry. In fact, of all her suitors, one seems to shine brighter than the rest… But is he the right man for her?

A Broken Heart’s Redemption
Lucy cannot think of how to mend her broken heart after Duke Perry so cruelly manipulated her. She cannot understand how all of society continues to fall for the farce of a marriage. In Baron Andrew Jones she meets another cynical heart, a man betrayed by his former fiancée. But in this black heart, Lucy sees a few shreds of sweetness and hope which draw her in. She soon finds herself slowly doing something she had sworn never to do again: falling in love. But can she win Lord Jones over before it is too late? Or is his heart beyond saving?

The Lady’s Patient
Kitty Langley, daughter of Baron Langley, has not led an easy life for a young woman of her standing. Suffering from a health condition since she was a young child, she is only just reaching a point where her health is strong enough to allow her to do all the things she wants to. Called to the bedside of an acquaintance’s injured younger brother, Kitty leaps at the opportunity. But Augustus Sinclair is not a child. He is the Earl of Stamford, and, although younger than his sister, very much a man. As she begins to fall for a man beyond her station, his sister, Kitty’s own battle with her health, and society itself stand in her way. Must she resign herself to longing for a man who can never be hers?

“The Tales of Haskett’s Manor” is a clean and sweet historical regency romance box set of approximately 300,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Enjoy!

From readper:
We found this delightful and highly rated trilogy box set hiding out in the top 10K on Amazon. Over 1,000 pages of clean romance goodness. We think you’ll agree. Check it out!


The Tales of Haskett’s Manor


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