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Bound by a Dragon

Bound by a Dragon

It takes a brave woman to love a dragon.


Living in a small village does not mean Keira’s life is simple. From avoiding the man she is expected to marry to ignoring her mother’s sharp tongue, it can be altogether difficult.

But two new arrivals have sent waves of excitement through the village, providing Keira with a distraction from her unwanted attentions. The first is Aaron Drake; handsome and charming, it is his air of othernessthat Keira finds most intriguing.

As for the other new arrival, who wants a fire-breathing dragon living in their backyard? But unlike the other villagers, the creature fascinates Keira.

Things aren’t quite as clear as they first appear, however. There is more to Aaron than meets the eye, while the dragon is far from being an unintelligent beast. As events in the village begin to escalate, Keira’s life is changed in ways she never could have imagined.

Bound by a Dragon is the first book in The Dragon Archives, a paranormal fantasy that will take you on an epic journey through medieval castles and lairs. Awarded the Indie BRAG Award, it will keep you engrossed to the very last page.


Bound by a Dragon

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