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The Amish Inn

The Amish Inn


Though life had been challenging for Eve Wengerd since her husband’s tragic death, she tried to brave her new circumstances by opening her own business and becoming an independent Amish woman. After all, he’d left her to raise their daughter alone.

The bed and breakfast inn she ran from their home provided a comfortable life for her and Prudence – until the bank’s loan officer, Mason Raber, called in their final payment. A balloon. One she couldn’t possibly afford. The odious man threatened to take away everything she had.

It didn’t matter how hard she tried to save her business, he stopped her at every turn, putting up roadblocks and insinuating she wasn’t competent enough to take care of herself.

Eve was determined to fight him to the bitter end. But Mason wasn’t easy to keep at arm’s length. Either as her loan officer, or as a man.


The Amish Inn

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