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The Medium

The Medium: Liminality Book 1

It begins with the breaking of a gentle monster. 


Lenny is a defective vampire. Shy, insecure, and literally unable to kill, he tries very hard to avoid notice until the night he is kidnapped by a creature far worse, a vicious abuser determined to turn him into what a vampire ought to be. Worse, Lenny is also a medium, a creature born for the sole purpose of aiding the dead, and Sebastian is definitely a dead thing in need of help. Trapped by Sebastian’s lethal mind control and by the compulsion of his own dual nature, Lenny’s only hope is Kim, a practical young wizard tasked with hunting Sebastian down, but her ancient and powerful family is not nearly as accepting as she. Perhaps she can save Lenny from his captor and from the spark of violence growing inside him…


The Medium: Liminality Book 1

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