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End Days Super Boxset

End Days Super Boxset

Five series, 16 novels, one low price.


Best-selling author Roger Hayden, who accumulated over 500 five-star reviews, brings you his entire collection of thrilling stories together for the first time! That’s FIVE BOOK SERIES totaling SIXTEEN NOVELS at a discounted price!

Set your clocks for doomsday as this collection of gripping dystopian thrillers takes you into a world where human survival hangs in balance. Present-day America has reached its breaking-point. Collapse is right around the corner, but that isn’t the only thing: The aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) reduces the nation to chaos. An Ebola outbreak infects millions after a highly mutated super-gene is unleashed into the population. A calculated ISIS Sleeper Cell takes residence in a normal neighborhood street, preparing for heinous acts of terror. And there is no end to any of it. Hope comes to those who can adapt and survive. Death comes to all others. Which side will you be on? Check out Hayden’s ultimate collection today and enter a dangerous, exciting world where you can always tell yourself… it’s only a story.


End Days Super Boxset


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