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The Redemption of an Outlaw

The Redemption of an Outlaw

A clean western historical romance.


Beth Hampton was a pampered, privileged daughter of the Arizona governor. Jesse Crane was an outlaw.

Beth wanted to find purpose in her life, to escape an unwilling marriage arranged by her father and overcome the tragic loss of her mother. Jesse wanted to live a quiet life on his ranch, fleeing from a criminal past and a difficult childhood.

Circumstances throw the two of them together in the most unlikely way and they discover that survival means they must rely on each other. However, trust isn’t something either of them is familiar with nor does it come easily.

With outside forces trying to drive them apart, Beth discovers an inner strength she never knew she had, while Jesse learns there is a good man hiding behind all of his past misdeeds.

Will the two of them be able to overcome all of the obstacles that are separating them or will they find that there is no redemption when others want to control one’s destiny?


The Redemption of an Outlaw


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