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Fangs & Fairy Dust

Fangs & Fairy Dust

When the shifters went public, the government hunted them to almost extinction.


The vampires are smarter. They’ll stay hidden, even if the Blood Board’s second in command, Ryker, has to hunt down a rogue vampire all by himself.

Eleven murders, all connected by severe loss of blood. Each of the victims is male…and dead, except for a stunning young woman named Aliza.

Ryker’s trip to Dubuque should be quick and painless—swiftly laying down vampire law before the humans get suspicious. When Aliza reminds him of what it’s like to be human and the love he lost right here in this city eighty years ago, he finds himself having feelings he had locked tightly away. Feelings that haunted him for nearly a century.

Feelings of betrayal…guilt…and, of course, love.

Ryker must find the rogue and get out of Dubuque as fast as he can even if Aliza is showing signs she might not be human for much longer.


Fangs & Fairy Dust


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