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Gone Cat and Other Stories

Gone Cat and Other Stories

Fourth in the Macey Malloy Mystery Series.


This collection of Macey Malloy stories includes the novelette, Two Tickets to Paradise, the novella, Runnin’ with the Devil Cat, the short story, “What the Cat Dragged In”, and the novelettes, Cat Scratch Fever and Gone Cat.

In the prequel novelette, Two Tickets to Paradise, Macey risks her life when she’s embroiled in a brutal murder and meets her feline, crime-solving partner.

The novella, Runnin’ with the Devil Cat, resumes the story right after Take Her to the River. Macey is shocked when her less-than-stellar employee, Greta, begs Macey to help her. Greta has taken up a new hobby . . . ghost hunting. Greta finds more than ectoplasm while chasing after spirits. She finds a very dead corporeal body, one she knew when it was alive. With means, motive, and opportunity, Greta is terrified she’ll be accused of the brutal murder. Greta knows who she’s gonna call – Macey Malloy, and her crime-solving cat, Wikket.

In the short story, “What the Cat Dragged In”, Macey and her nose-for-crime cat suspect evildoing close to home.

In the novelette, Cat Scratch Fever, Shelby Cannon fell to her death from the balcony of her dorm room. Before plunging to the courtyard below, the freshman posted, “I’d rather die . . .” on social media, tagging all of her friends. Macey is the only one who’s convinced that Shelby didn’t commit suicide. With the help of Wikket, her big black cat, she digs into the girl’s death. Is she needlessly distressing the grieving parents and enraging the dead girl’s friends . . . or is she on the trail of a killer intent on getting away with murder?

In the novelette, Gone Cat, Macey is frantic with worry when Wikket, the supersized cat with a propensity for trouble, vanishes. Macey enlists her friends’ help, but will it be enough?

Author’s Note:
Sassy Macey Malloy and her grumpy cat Wikket debuted in Take the Body and Run. The Kindle Scout winner is about a hunted woman, a handsome lawman, a fart machine-will travel doctor, and a crime-solving cat.


Gone Cat and Other Stories


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