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Love and the Forbidden City

Love and the Forbidden City

A knight in shining armor or a lunatic?


Finding her lover in bed with another woman is just the beginning of Julie Bird’s surreal trip to China. Losing her way in the suburbs of Beijing does little to improve her mood… and then the bandit shows up. Bandit, in twenty first century China? Things go from irritating to bizarre when a sword-wielding madman, or hero, rescues her. He claims to be the son of an emperor from three hundred years ago, and must return to fight for the throne. This man, although hot, is obviously not in his right mind. But what else could Julie do except repaying his kindness?

About the Author:
Bijou Li’s passion for writing had started before she could write. When she was three years old, she spent all her waking hours scribbling on her dad’s notebook during a daylong train ride. But she didn’t follow her passion for another two decades. In college, Bijou Li majored in English literature and anthropology. While doing her research in the Great Cool Mountains in China, Bijou lived with the Mosuo, an ethnic group who practiced “walking marriage.” The hard-working Mosuo women inspired Bijou to write Country of Daughters and other novels.

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Love and the Forbidden City


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