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After the Days of Infamy

After the Days of Infamy

Four Airship Carriers attack on Dec. 7 and the entire West Coast by the 12th.


December 7, 1941
Captain Minoru Genda smiled as the last plane landed on the Kaga. Both attacks had succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, and the second wave, had not lost a single plane. The losses on the initial attack were much less than projected.

As the four carriers started turning, he saw the smoke rising over the burning ships and oil storage tanks. Even from 50 miles away, and at an 8,000 foot altitude, he could see that the smoke column height was way above his vantage point on the carrier bridge.

After a stop a 1000 miles West of Portland Oregon for their support ships, to resupply fuel, armaments, and replacement planes, the carrier airship fleet will bring destruction to the American West Coast before the end of the week.

This book departs from reality with the 1932 discovery of helium on the island of Hokido. A secret agreement between Japan and Germany results in a technology exchange that enables Japan to develop a fleet of huge airship aircraft carriers.

The two attacks on December Seventh are made by over 300 planes from a fleet of four airship carriers. By the end of that week, a series of devastating strikes up and down the West Coast leave the aircraft, shipbuilding, and marine industries in ruins.

This story does not include steam punk, fantasy, time travel, magic, elves or faeries. It does include some adult content, as well as fictional actions by the USS Fletcher and the USS Iowa. The deviations from historic technologies are based on what could have been accomplished with the availability of helium and a push in that direction

From the Author:
I’m a writer, who writes about what interests me, stories that I would like to read myself. As an insatiable reader since grade school, and frequently in trouble for reading in class, I soon discovered science fiction, and the die was cast. Most of my books are hard science and do not include steam punk, fantasy, time travel, magic, elves or faeries.

As a naval history buff, I also have books that feature naval action including the first in an Alt History trilogy, “After The Days Of Infamy.”

I didn’t get serious about finishing some of the stories I started over the years when bits of time were available, until I retired for the 4th time in 2012. I had always done a lot of business and technical writing, but as an engineer, my lack of spelling skills usually made it a painfully, slow process. When I started my own company in 1983, my first purchase was a 40 pound “portable” KayPro II computer. It came bundled with a word processor disk. It also came with a disk containing a spelling checker, which liberated my writing efforts.

I have a wide range of life experiences that contribute to my knowledge base and interests. I dug ditches for a plumber, and loaded bread trucks in High School. I was schooled in electronics and worked on a state of the art missile radar in the Navy. Afterward, I continued working in electronics for the defense industry, just as the Navy was making the transition to digital computers. That experience led me into a 30+ year career in the welding automation industry as an engineer, exec, and CEO. A mild heart attack shifted my focus and I spent the next several years running a charter boat in North Carolina. I would take families out and teach the kids how to fish, while telling them stories about the pirates and blockade runners that were in the area.

About the Author:
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After the Days of Infamy


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