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Love in a violent world.

Jari Styrman’s life and career are failing. As a young man, he left Sweden to achieve a dream: succeed as a computer consultant in the United States. Now, a few years later, Jari is burned out. He is forced to accept assignments at a sex company where an incident leaves him horrified. He abandons the assignment and goes on holiday to Italy. At the hotel he meets an amazing woman and is swept up in the heat of the holiday romance. It’s almost like she’s too good to be true. Perhaps she is?

From the Author:
As 2018 is speeding towards the end I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you fantastic people that made this year very special. If you are reading this: Yes, I am talking about you!

Little over a year ago the English translation of “Cutie” was released and as a publicity stunt it was decided that the book should enter the Amazon Kindle contest “Kindle Scout”. Even though Cutie did not make it all the way, the response was nothing short of sensational. I tell you people, the fact that this little peasant author from Sweden made it to number one on the Amazon book charts for several weeks will not easily be forgotten.

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About the Author:
Peter Stein is a Swedish author and Cutie is his debut novel. It was translated and released for the US market in the beginning of 2018.

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