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Secrets & Swords

Secrets & Swords

Sometimes doing what’s right… is murder.


Roguelyn only ever wanted to save her father, not be a dutiful Duke’s daughter, so when she accidentally kills a fellow soldier in the king’s army, she is forced to flee into enemy territory. With no support and a price on her head in her own country, she must must convince a thief, a spy, and a bard to help her rescue her father and clear her name.

Alone in a country ravaged by war, dealing with her own trauma, and navigating a foreign court, Roguelyn’s only chance at success is to rely on her friends for help.

Will Roguelyn push past her own barriers and save her father and her kingdom? Or will her own stubbornness and fear become too large to overcome?


Secrets & Swords


Categories: Science Fiction / Fantasy

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