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The Jalakh Bow

The Jalakh Bow

Intricate epic fantasy, Book 3 of The Weapon Takers Saga.


The weapon takers have bought themselves some time to complete their quest. But when their enemies return, they will find that they have become more ruthless and more terrifying than ever.

In the steppe lands of the far north, Soren must seek out the bow of the Jalakh tribes. In Kalinth, Belwynn must face a mysterious evil disguised as a friend. And in the high mountains of his Krykker homeland, Rabigar must learn a bitter lesson: nowhere is safe.

The Jalakh Bow continues the action-packed series, The Weapon Takers Saga. The series concludes with Book Four, The Giants’ Spear.

About the Author:
Jamie has always loved a good story, whether real or imagined. He grew up in the south of England before moving to the north, where he worked as a history teacher. He still lives there with his wonderful family, but now spends his time writing, mainly about people hitting each other with swords.

From readper:
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The Jalakh Bow



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