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The Last Sanctuary Omnibus

The Last Sanctuary Omnibus

A hijacked ship. A deadly pandemic unleashed. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance…


In a near future devastated by famine, disease, and overcrowding, the United States balances on the cusp of collapse–and civil war.

When terrorists hijack a lavish cruise ship, wealthy Amelia Black is forced into hiding with Gabriel Rivera, an enigmatic stranger with a dangerous secret. Despite their overwhelming differences–and the killers hunting them–the pair must form an unlikely alliance to battle a new catastrophic threat: a genetically engineered, world-ending bio-weapon hidden on the ship.

What starts out as a single, terrifying incident will soon evolve into a race to save mankind from an extinction-level event…

When the end comes for you, when there are no more rules and survival at all costs threatens to tear apart the moral fabric of the world, how far will you go to survive?


The Last Sanctuary Omnibus



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