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Rise of a Necromancer

Rise of a Necromancer

A dark story of survival following a necromancer’s criminal uprising.


Many people want Cerin Heliot dead.

While studying to be a mage at a prestigious university, Cerin is seized by an obsession with necromancy. When his secret knowledge of the forbidden magic is discovered, he becomes one of the nation’s most-wanted criminals overnight, sending his life into a tragic downhill spiral.

In this gritty story of survival, Cerin learns the hard way that to make it in a cruel world, he must become its match. Rather than run from the law forever, he builds an undead army to face it and make it fear his name. When all living loved ones are lost, Cerin must rise to be a master of the dead.

From the Author:
Rise of a Necromancer is a standalone character-driven origin story in the Six Elements universe. Reading the completed Six Elements series is recommended but not required. While the beginning of the novel features a juvenile protagonist, like all of Rosie Scott’s works it contains extreme mature content. Rise of a Necromancer explores adult themes (tragedy, psychological trauma, emotional and substance abuse) and contains graphic violence, gore, and cursing.

About the Author:
Rosie Scott has been writing novels for over twenty years and publishing since 2010. She writes unconventional adult dystopian, fantasy, and science fiction novels which are partial to themes such as warfare, gray morality, and rebellion. Obsessed with the human psyche and how experiences, events, and trauma can transform a person, most of her books have protagonists who walk just off the path of being a hero. Rosie loves building characters from the ground up with different viewpoints and backgrounds, having them interact uniquely with one another, and then playing with their mortality in her novels because she believes no character should ever be invincible.

Rosie’s novels tend to explore darker themes and are not for the faint of heart. No philosophical question is unable to be examined. No character is immune to death. No hero is truly righteous. Rosie has a penchant for writing unapologetically strong characters, brutal inconveniences, and crude humor, and she will forever test limits by exploring questionable morality and scenes of gore. Rosie loves entertaining with long battle sequences and witty banter, but she also seeks to plant questions in her readers’ minds that will stick with them for long after a book is read.

Besides writing, Rosie spends her time video gaming via her gaming PC and twelve consoles, collecting medieval and video game weapon replicas, sketching the characters she creates, and building models of medieval siege weapons and cars. If she isn’t writing about bloody warfare and conquest in one of her novels, she is probably leading an army with a mouse and keyboard.

Rosie Scott is continually writing to please her fans. She invites you to visit her blog at, where fan art, timelines, maps, and fun facts about her books await. You may also follow her mailing list at to be informed of new releases. All business inquiries can be sent to


Rise of a Necromancer



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