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A Spy is Born

A Spy Is Born

I always wanted to be a star, and I never considered becoming a spy. Now I’m both. 


I am naked, bruised, and clutching a blood-stained Oscar statue.
I didn’t mean to kill him. The last thing I want is the director of my film—my first big role—dead.

Now the cops are here, and even though it’s obviously self-defense, I’m done for…my life is over. I’ll never work in this town again even if I manage to avoid jail time. I’ll be infamous instead of famous.

Temperance Johnson is straight out of central casting—a spy master with tiger’s eyes and unnatural grace—a real killer.

He offers me a solution. He’ll sweep all this under the rug and help me reach my goals if I work for him. Well, for the government. There is a long history of spies in Tinseltown; we have the perfect cover, and we’re good at lying.


A Spy Is Born



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