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Blood & Holy Water

Blood & Holy Water

Angels of Sojourn, Book One.


Twenty years ago, he murdered his wife.

Clearly, an unforgivable catastrophe that Fin carries the guilt and grief every day of his immortal existence. He tries to make up for his sins, working as an emergency room doctor for the fragile humans. When a one-hundred year old angel comes to him, insisting he deserves a miracle, he lets her into his dark world.

Unfortunately, the miracle offered isn’t for him. Vampires don’t get miracles. What he does get is a second chance at love…and with an angel of all creatures.

Can the unforgivable crime of murdering his wife be forgiven?

As the secrets of Fin’s past come back to haunt him, his present is threatened when the person he values most in life goes missing and he is blackmailed into providing medical services for his own kind…vampires he’s avoided for twenty years have finally tracked him down.

Is a personal guardian angel and all the passion in the world enough to overcome a villain out for revenge?

Blood & Holy Water



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