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Storm Breather

Storm Breather

Monsters and Man Book 1.


Finding a new homeland will bring Captain Talon to the edge.

Taken by Ostian slaver master at age five, Hassi, was trained to be a talon, a personal bodyguard to his wealthy young master. Now the rebellion has been and failed. Pirate captain Talon, as he is now styled seeks revenge on the ostian fleet and to keep the fight alive.

Jasonne: Kept a prisoner by the Carthians her entire life, used as a weapon, a ship destroyer, she believes she is the last storm breather, a monster. Yet she yearns to be free and try escape the rage of the storm.

Enrik: The sealord, the king of tuskani, captain of the dragon fleet. He has carved his name in blood and pain. Enrik learns he is not the only breather, a fact he cannot abide.

Storm breather is a tale of captains, kings, monsters, humans with gods like powers, they come crashing together, as allies and enemies, some seeking peace, some conquest, some just a free place to call home.


Storm Breather


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