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The Dream Maker

The Dream Maker

A sci-fi thriller novel.


Lucius is a depressive young man who suffers from severe insomnia.
His virtues?
He draws extremely well.

He can also invade dreams.

After three sleepless nights, Lucius’s body collapses while doing an ad presentation at the office. Desperate, he seeks treatment by checking himself into a clinic that deals with sleep-related disorders. However, this is not an ordinary medical facility; in its laboratory, the doctors experiment on individuals by putting them to sleep in high-tech beds that capture images from dreams and project them into monitors, so they can be watched live.

Lucius discovers that when he is in a session at the same time as other patients, he can invade their dreams.

Encouraged by Carl the director of the laboratory, Lucius starts breaking into people’s minds and tries to help them with their issues. One of them being Lyla; a mysterious young woman who inspires Lucius into pursuing his quest.

He enters a staggering universe formed by dreams and nightmares, rendered by a state of the art technology. Immersed in it, he will face horror, adventure, and puzzling situations, which won’t fail to amaze but will also leave him standing over the line between reality and imagination.

Struggling with his condition and being haunted by flashbacks from his troubled past, Lucius will face his greatest challenge.

Will he be able to become a superhero of dreams?


The Dream Maker


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