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Betrayer Awakened

Betrayer Awakened

Empire of Justice Episode 1.


Even a single broken oath will mean the Dead will claim his soul.

Escaping from an ageless prison, Raxad is lost in the new world of necromancers and forbidden magic. His failures haunt him. All he wants is to be left alone to find peace and finally leave his nightmares behind.

By either Fate or Chance, he stumbles upon the kidnapped princess, Celitia. The reward for rescuing her may be enough to ensure his freedom, but the price he will pay is greater than he could have known.

Willfully breaking a vow will mean the Dead Legions of Justice will rip out his soul, even from beyond the grave.

Dare he risk swearing an oath for a chance to save an innocent? Does he have a choice?


Betrayer Awakened



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