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A melancholy woman uses a device to escape into the alter-reality of living the life of a complete stranger.


Isolated, depressed, and estranged from her spouse, Cassandra Stone is given an unexpected gift to distract her from the all-consuming melancholy–the Narcissa, a device that allows the wearer to experience an alter-reality. While asleep, she is no longer lonely, empty Cassandra; she is Rita, wife and mother and part-time librarian. Rita’s life may not be thrilling, but Cassandra finds herself fascinated all the same, to the point that it becomes an obsessive escape from her own life into the life of a complete stranger. All of Cassandra’s pain and sadness is forgotten the moment that the Narcissa is activated, the moment that she leaves it all behind to live inside Rita’s mind, inside her very skin.

But the more time she spends in Rita’s alter-reality world, the more Cassandra begins to wonder if it will bring her the satisfaction that is missing in her own life or if it will reveal unpleasant, even terrifying truths about both Rita and herself that cannot be so easily forgotten.

From the Author:
For fans of shifting narratives and moody mindtrips that shake the perception of reality. From an author of seven novels and over twenty short stories/novellas across a variety of genres (sci-fi, horror, humor, thriller, and more).

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