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Toric’s Dagger

Toric’s Dagger

A multi-character epic fantasy.


Toric’s Dagger is just another religious relic. Until it’s stolen. Twins Belwynn and Soren volunteer to lead a team tasked with its retrieval. Drawn into a world of danger and treachery, they must rely on Soren’s magical abilities, and on the telepathic bond they share. Now, as kingdoms and empires start to fall, the twins confront the dark forces that threaten them. They must not let the Dagger fall into the wrong hands. But when mercenaries, zealots and sorcerers are all hunting for the same weapon, who should they trust? Book One of The Weapon Takers Saga, an Epic Fantasy Series that readers have compared to Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time. For an edge of your seat fantasy quest, full of great characters, start this series today!

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We reviewed this book when it debuted. It’s a great selection!


Toric’s Dagger



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