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Galactic Arena Box Set

Galactic Arena Box Set

The first three Galactic Arena novels plus two prequel novels.


Earth’s champions must fight for humanity.
Until now, our heroes have all been defeated…

… this is our final chance.

Every thirty years, we send a mission across the Sol System to the mysterious Orb. The finest soldiers in the world were tested and the best selected.

Each one has fallen.

Who can stand against the monstrous violence of the gigantic alien warriors?

A new kind of human must be created.

Bigger, stronger, faster, than any ordinary human could be.

Not born but designed, grown and trained by Earth’s scientists, engineers, and military experts for a single purpose…


A hero will be chosen.

A single fight in the alien arena will decide Earth’s fate.

Who will win in the galactic arena?


Galactic Arena Box Set



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