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A Rose Through Many Seasons

A Rose Through Many Seasons

A 3 book Amish romance box set.


Follow the foundling Baby Rose as she finds a home, is lost, and then finds love. Can she overcome the revelation that will bring you tears of both sorrow and joy?

Sylvia Miller is a little larger than most girls, she lives alone with her father and is happy. When he dies suddenly, she is shocked to find that he has arranged her marriage to a newcomer to their district.

Baby Rose – A Gift of Love
A Baby left in a barn, a Father’s dying wish, a man who thinks his life is over, can one woman heal a heart shattered in two?

Young Rose – The lost girl –
The most awful thing has happened. Baby Rose is missing, and Sylvia fears that something bad has happened.

A Prayer for Rose – The Season of Discovery
Rose Miller is young in love, and soon to marry her sweetheart. Then he reveals a secret that could break her. Can Rose forgive Levi for telling her the truth?


A Rose Through Many Seasons



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