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A Thief in Farshore

A Thief in Farshore

Everyone knows that magic and monsters are only a legend. In Farshore, those legends can eat you for lunch. 


Charity is a thief from the old world. An orphan from Byzantia’s tangled streets, she survived by running fast, thinking faster, and never letting anyone get too close.

One small mistake is all it takes to get her hauled before a magistrate and sentenced to ten years hard labor in Farshore, the emperor’s new colony across the great sea. Being worked to death in the mines would be bad enough, but everyone has heard the stories: Farshore is a land of myth and magic. Anyone crazy enough to go there rarely makes the voyage home.

When her temper turns a bad situation even worse, Charity finds herself fighting for her life in Farshore’s arena. If she hopes to survive then she might just have to do the one thing she swore she’d never do again: trust someone.

A Thief In Farshore is the first story in The Farshore Chronicles, a fantasy adventure born out of a tabletop RPG campaign and inspired by the colorful, swashbuckling action of D&D and 90’s fantasy greats like R.A. Salvatore, Mercedes Lackey, and Raymond Fiest. Magic, monsters, epic duels, cursed cities, romance, ghost armies, demon hordes, and quite possibly the end of the world await.


A Thief in Farshore



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