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Her Second Chance Best Friend Rockstar

Her Second Chance Best Friend Rockstar

“He was my old best friend that was always off-limits, but now he’s a rock star and I am falling hard and fast.”


Heartbroken Indie Bresley has finally taken control of her life by deciding to move back to her home town Baton Rouge with her 5 year old daughter Kayla. But after moving back to live the simple life, she quickly learns that nothing in life is simple.

Indie’s friend surprises her with a girl’s night out to a rock concert to help her forget the past. What she failed to mention is the rockstar they came see was her old best friend, Gareth Burton. Not only was Gareth her old best friend, he is also her sister ex boyfriend.

Gareth has decided he has had his heart broken for the last time and given up on love. His band, November Talks, plays their last show on tour in Baton Rouge, his hometown. Gareth is pleasantly surprised to see his old best friend Indie in the crowd.  After reconnecting over coffee, she inspires him to extent his stay in Baton Rouge to write his next record.

Their connection has always been strong and effortless but he was always off-limits. Is it only a matter of time before friendship turns into true love?

Gareth’s bad blood with Indie’s family leaves her wondering if there is more to Gareth’s breakup with her sister than meets the eye. Will secrets threaten to derail a second chance at love? Will Indie be able to cope with the limelight that comes with dating a rockstar?


Her Second Chance Best Friend Rockstar



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