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Peace Force

Peace Force

A light scifi adventure, Harriet Walsh, Book 1.


Would you work for a deranged robot?

Harriet Walsh does!

It’s her first day on the job, and Peace Force trainee Harriet Walsh is given a simulated case to solve.

It’s not like she can take on a real investigation, because Dismolle is a peaceful planet and there’s absolutely no crime.

Well, almost no crime.

You see, Harriet’s identified a real live suspect.

Yes, the Peace Force has a genuine case to investigate… which is a shame, because their crime-fighting computer is so basic it doesn’t even have solitaire.

And it gets worse…

Harriet’s weapon won’t fire without the right paperwork.
The chief’s batteries are failing.
… and the patrol car keeps driving her up the wall!

Can Harriet nail the crooks despite the shoddy, outdated equipment? Or will this be her first – and last – day on the Force?

Peace Force



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