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The Dark of Twilight

The Dark of Twilight

Twilight Shifters fantasy trilogy book 1.


My name is Aein.  This world was not always the way it is now.  It has always had its hardships.  It has always had its cares.  But for me, the night I brought the plague back from the border is the night that the world ended.  The night that I, unwittingly, killed humanity.  And outside of the two blessed minutes found in dawn and twilight, when the horrors of our new life allow us to see the people we love, the people trapped in the shadows and the people trapped in the sun, I pay for my sin every moment I continue to live.  Each breath is an apology for surviving.  Each breath is a fight that, rightfully, I should surrender.  And yet, I cannot.  For if I die, those that survive shall be cast forever into their skins of wolves, unable to ever shift back to the people they were, not even the twelve hours that are both a curse and a blessing.  If I die, so dies all hope.  And so I run.


The Dark of Twilight



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