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Forged from Fate: Ashes

Forged from Fate: Ashes

Lexi Thanatos grew up feeling like the Grim Reaper. 


Lexi Thanatos has always been surrounded by death and considered an outsider. Yet even with the freedom to finally decide her own Fate, she’s discovering the world isn’t quite as simple as she thought. She’s beginning to understand her past was more than just bad memories, and her feelings of being like the Grim Reaper are not far from her new reality.

When a local college student is murdered, Lexi is not the only one who witness’s it. On the outskirts of the grizzly scene stands a stranger observing the same gruesome sight. Lexi finds herself drawn to him for reasons she can’t explain, and his reaction to seeing her and the murder is the start of her world quickly spinning out of control.

Trying to keep her secrets from those closest to her, Lexi is finding that she’s not human, and is the only one of her kind on Earth. When the missing pieces of her life start to fit together she is quickly thrown into a vast world of mythology where Dragons, Daemons, and Phoenix are more than just fairy tales.

And the craziest part…she’s supposed to lead them all.


Forged from Fate: Ashes



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