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Jackpots and Jealousies in Las Vegas

Jackpots and Jealousies in Las Vegas

A Cupcakes-and-Crime Mystery.


Roger Owen’s business isn’t doing well, and when he takes his wife and son to glitzy, glamorous Las Vegas for some quality family vacation time, he brings along a surprising +1: his mistress!

Life seems to pick up for Roger when he wins a huge jackpot… until someone gleefully kills him on the casino floor.

Caught in the hot seat as suspect number one, Roger’s wife Wendy hires Tiffany and Ian to clear her name and to solve the mystery of who really killed Roger Owen—even though it may very well be black widow Wendy!

Or was it his mistress, Mona, come to exact revenge for playing second fiddle so many years? Was it his son, Aaron, tired of his dad’s philandering and ready to inherit those big bucks? Could it have been Roger’s business partner, eager to take over the company and purge it of potential scandals?

Fingers fly in every direction with blame and accusation, and it’s up to Tiffany and Ian—with some assistance from little Snowflake and Nanna, of course—to unravel the tangled webs and shed some light on the truth.


Jackpots and Jealousies in Las Vegas



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