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A survival horror thriller.


Since a cataclysmic event known as “the Outbreak” decimated human civilization, Kip Garrity’s life has been a nightmare.

Instead of going to school and hanging out with his friends like a normal teenager, he has become a prisoner in his own heavily fortified house without electricity, internet, or a phone – safe from the viral monstrosities lurking outside, but faced with a bleak and lonely future.

His only companion is his aging father, a former Green Beret and pro survivalist who has kept them alive until now. But when Kip discovers his dad is dying of sepsis, he goes against the old man’s wishes and ventures outside in search of life-saving medicine.

His father will be dead soon, and there’s no guarantee Kip will find antibiotics in the ruins of his hometown. Confident in the combat training he has received from his old man, Kip leaves his safe zone anyway. But he can’t possibly plan for the horrors he’ll find outside his house…

…or an encounter with another survivor that will trap him in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, sending him on a path much darker than he imagined…





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